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Golf staff bag, what does that mean exactly

You may have heard about a staff bag, also called a tour bag. This is, you see, the golf bag that is mainly used by professional golfers and usually not for people who play golf as a hobby. The reasoning behind this is that this bag is large and therefore often heavy. Professional golfers often carry a caddy that carries the golf bag for them. Partly for this reason, the bags are also seen as a luxurious product. All professional golfers, including Garcia and Westwood, have a staff bag. How cool is it if you too can say that you have the same golf bag?


The advantages and disadvantages of a staff bag

  • As mentioned earlier, the staff bag is large, so you can easily take all your clubs and other golf equipment with you. The only downside to this is that it also makes the bag heavier.
  • The bags usually do not fit on a trolley, so you either have to carry the bag or have a caddy with you.
  • A staffbag has many different compartments, so you can store things in an orderly fashion.


To what should you pay attention when purchasing a golf bag

A staff bag is'nt normally a monthly investment. Choose therefor a high-quality bag to be sure that it will last for a long time. A high quality golf staff bag will be slightly higher in terms of price, but if the bag lasts longer this is definitely worth the investment. Thus always look at reviews of others to find out if this bag is suitable for you. Furthermore, it is extremely important to look at the color of the bag, because you do not want to get tired of it. So think about this in advance. In addition, it is wise to consider taking a caddy, if you don't have one yet, to carry the bag for you on the golf course. Because keep in mind that these bags are a lot heavier than cart or stand bags.


A golf bag outlet full of products

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