Sureshot Pinloc 5000i Rangefinder

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Sureshotlaser Pinloc 5000I distance meter

The Pinloc 5000i range finder is the ideal tool to improve your golf score. The rangefinder is equipped with a Priority loc so that the pinloc 5000i measures the distance to the flag and not accidentally to the objects in the background such as the forest edge. The range finder always chooses the 'front' object. Select the object to which you want to know the distance and press the button, then the distance to the selected object will be displayed on the screen for 15s. The lens magnifies the image 6x, giving you a clearer and more precise view of the distance and obstacles. In Scan mode you quickly get a clear picture of the entire terrain and the distances. This Pinloc 5000i is lightweight and fits easily in the palm of your hand and features a shock-resistant water-resistant housing

Features of the Sureshotlaser Pinloc 5000I distance meter:

Priority loc: ignores the background and measures the distance to the selected object
Pinloc: select the object and the distance will be displayed for 15 sec
Scan mode: quickly scan the entire terrain and see the distances
The lens magnifies the image 6x for a clearer and more precise image
Lightweight and fits in the palm of your hand.
Shock resistant and water resistant housing

Package contents:

Pinloc 5000I rangefinder
Protective cover
Lens cloth
Carabiner to hang the storage cover on your bag / trolley
Hand loop so that the rangefinder stays on your wrist

- Priority Loc: ensures that the background is ignored, and only the focus point is measured
- PinLoc: measures the target and shows the distance on the screen for 15 seconds
- Scan mode: scan the surroundings and the distances very quickly
- 6x magnification for a bright and clear view
- Waterproof
- Lightweight and fits well in the hand for easy handling


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